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Valley Park Residence Project:

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Both Residential and Small Scale Commercial Projects

Need some ideas? Browse below for examples, including some before and after pictures.

Want to do a 3D walk-through of an example project?  

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Based on Hourly Rate:

    One Hour Minimum

    50% Down Payment Required

    Price Based on Level of Detail Desired

       (for detail level descriptions please

       see the Getting Started page.)

Renderings Include:

    Free Estimate

    6-10 2D Scene Views with Bird's Eye View

    One Round of Changes (must be used     

       within 60 days of contract date)

Drafting Includes:

    Free Estimate

    Blueprint/Plan PDF's

        (Formatting Size Options Available)

    Printer Referrals

Design Consulting:

    Local on-site only

    Remote Services Available

Optional Media Extras:    


    3D PDF Rendering (See Example!)

    3D Editable Rendering 

    Custom 3D Objects

    Additional Rounds of Changes (Pro-rated)


Payment Options:

    Credit Card


    Bank Check


Please Contact Us For a Free Estimate and More Detailed Pricing

Requires Adobe Reader

for 3D capabilities

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Other Interior Projects: